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Kops Records Refresh Tesis

In the current market, vinyl record stores face fierce competition not only from each other but also from large retailer companies that offer a superior shopping experience on their platforms.

To overcome this challenge, the store needs to undergo a rebranding process to appeal to the newer generation and expand its loyal customer base.
The rebranding efforts should focus on creating a comprehensive and immersive experience centered around vinyl records. This includes providing essential information on record care and maintenance, as well as exploring the rich history of various genres and styles.

To enhance the shopping experience, a new advanced and user-friendly catalog system should be implemented, integrated with an online database. This will allow customers to easily explore and discover records of interest.

Furthermore, the store can create a special area where customers can listen to records offered by the store while they work or relax. This will provide a unique and enjoyable atmosphere, enticing customers to spend more time in the store and fostering a deeper connection with the music.

By implementing these strategies, the store can differentiate itself, attract a broader audience, and provide an exceptional experience that sets it apart from both local competitors and larger retailers.

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