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Who I am?

Hi, I’m Rob Andreas. I come from Concepción, Chile. My given name is Roberto Andrés Peña Ojeda, but I prefer to be called Andreas in honor of my grandmother. She was a great influence in my life, teaching me gardening, baking, and the values of conviction, dedication, and perseverance.

I moved to Toronto back in September 2012 after dropping Engineering. The journey I've taken from then until today has been nothing short of a transformative odyssey, filled with sacrifices and determination. From graduating as a Graphic Designer to finally receiving the Permanent Residency Card in the mailbox, milestones statements of my hard work.

My diverse skills helped me secure various types of contracts, ranging fro
m branding and marketing, illustration and motion graphics, to packaging and editorial.

Now I'm ready for my next life-changing job.

Ok. Enough Drama. What can I do?

I graduated from George Brown College as a Corporate Graphic Designer in 2018 in Toronto, ON.
I have worked since then, with Canadian and Chilean clients, developing different aspects of their companies,
like branding, copywriting, editorial, illustration, marketing, packaging, and others.

Employing a creative and organized approach, I methodically and intentionally design to deliver effective solutions. Additionally, I have experience in all Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office applications on both Windows and Mac, and I am proficient in English, Spanish, and German.

Thanks to the experience of my different projects, I have developed these skills:

Analytical Thinking
Attention to Detail
Creative Thinking
Information Design

Layout Art (ISO & US standard)


Metric & Imperial System

Motion Graphics
Organization & Method
Printing & Production

Project Management


Problem Solver
Research Abilities
Story Telling

Time Management

Okay, but what does that mean?
It means that I can help you and/or your team with anything your company needs.

Just Contact me!

Why wait any longer, I can help you. I'm the right guy for the job or a job, whatever you came here for.


Do you have questions? Are you having doubts?

Contact me anyway and let us talk through them.

Email me now!

Thanks for submitting!

Wait... There is more?

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There are a few stuff I love to do besides graphic design, and those are:
art, read books, and collect vinyl records.

You can see a few of my art pieces at

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